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Biting your tongue

It Will be a costly claim for Lloyds of London if one Gennaro Pelliccia can no longer taste products for his employers Costa Coffee – his tongue is insured with them for £10m!  Take a look at these Top 10 unusual insurance risks....

1. In 2001 The National Sealife centre in Birmingham insured its visitors against death and permanent disability occasioned by the Japanese Giant Crab. The sum insured was £1m.

2. In 2001 a "Captain Beaney" insured himself against abduction, impregnation and consumption by aliens for £1m.

3. In 2002 Paul Hucker insured himself against severe physiological trauma occasioned by England's premature exit from the World Cup. The sum insured was £1m.

4. In 1999 Mary Muphy insured herself against an immaculate conception in the year 2000. Insured amount £1m.

5. In 2002 the Royal Falcon Hotel in Lowestoft insured its staff and customers against death and disability occasioned by poltergeist or other abnormal phenomena. The sum insured was £1m.

6. In 2001 Rich Hall, the comedian, insured himself against a permanent loss of humour. The sum insured was £1m.

7. In 2001 Nicola Jones insured herself against becoming ugly – as determined by 10 independent building workers. Again, the sum insured was £1m.

8. In 2003 Basil Brush insured his tail for £1m.

9. In 1998 James Whale, the broadcaster, insured his tongue for £1m against loss of voice.

10. In 2001 Andrew Areoff insured himself for £500 against receiving "naff Christmas presents". The sum insured was £1m.

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