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We believe that we can serve you best by knowing you well. This enables us to identify your needs and advise you on them. In dealing with Bensons, you will have a single point of contact that is consistent from year to year and with integrity you can trust.

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Our professional approach will ensure that you can concentrate on what you do best, whilst we protect you against life’s unpleasant surprises. Trust us to ensure it is done right.

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As a small, family run business, we are able to adapt our approach to suit you. We treat all our clients as individuals and respond to their own differing needs.

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Your insurance is too important to not get right. Make sure that you understand the risks facing you or your business and arrange appropriate protection against these to prevent losses. We will ensure we identify, manage and protect where you need protecting.

IT Companies - Have you reviewed your T&C's recently?

Posted on 30th Nov 2011

I came across the article below recently from one of our insurers, HCC International, and it provides a good reminder that seeking to rely on limitation of liability clauses in your T&C's can be fraught with danger;

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Firework Precuations

Posted on 2nd Nov 2011

Anti-social behaviour associated with the firework period has become a major issue for many communities in the UK.

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Theft of Lead

Posted on 31st Aug 2011

The insurance industry has seen a large increase in the theft of lead from buildings over the past couple of years.

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Technology and Media Contracts

Posted on 31st Aug 2011

According to one leading insurer, nearly 49% of professional indemnity claims they receive from technology companies arise from a contract breach.

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