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A Lightning Claim - Saved from an Act of God

Having a fabulous view from your kitchen window is maybe something we already have; or something we aspire to; something we are looking for; certainly something to enjoy....

Lucy and Tim were lucky enough to find their perfect view a few years ago and build their dream architect designed home, overlooking an ever changing landscape along a particularly beautiful stretch of the English coastline. This also afforded them excellent views of the changes in weather and none more so, than the day they could see a storm coming in from the sea and settled to enjoy what was sure to be a dramatic show.

The drama of the storm was only the start as a blinding light from a lightning strike hit the chimney stack and damaged all of the electrical connections feeding amongst other things, the considerable IT equipment Tim had to help him work from home. Fortunately, there was no fire. Faced with no security system; no power to the gates; no telephones; no access to computers or the internet.

Tim and Lucy were immediately able to engage the local trades they needed, who were authorised to act immediately by the insurers, without waiting for estimates. Bensons personally arranged for an interim payment to be made to Tim and Lucy so they could pay the tradesmen quickly.

A Lightening Claim

There were no forms to complete, no waiting for a loss adjuster or authorisation for things to be done. With the help of a local telecoms company and our direct support, Tim was able to reinstate his internet access within a few hours, which meant he could at least, carry on working via a temporary connection. Other restorations were less urgent but addressed in turn.

Tim and Lucy were both very grateful for the benefits the higher quality contract provided, enabling them to get things moving quickly and also continue to receive our advice and support throughout the duration of the repairs.