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Difficult to place motor insurance


An existing client recommended a friend contact us, as he had recently returned from living overseas and was very frustrated at not being able to find anyone to help him with motor insurance.  He was due to pick the car up the following day but had spent a long time trying to find insurance, without success.  The cost wasn’t an issue at all as he had been hugely successful in his field but the companies he’d approached wouldn’t help, as they couldn’t trace any credit history for him - understandable as his success and wealth had been created abroad...

We discussed what he needed and liaised with the garage supplying the car, delivering a solution within 2 hours, which provided a high quality policy, reflecting his need for overseas use and full breakdown cover in the UK and Europe.  All documents were emailed to the client the same day and he was able to pick the car up as planned.

“Thank you. I greatly appreciate your efficient and effective service. Regards, Neil”