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I Have Two Problems...

Robert is highly successful in his field; travels extensively and relies on expert advice to enable him to concentrate on his business.

He contacted Bensons on recommendation from a colleague we already work with to seek advice on two issues which were causing problems and he was struggling to find someone who understood his frustration.

Problem One

Robert keeps a holiday home abroad and also a top of the range BMW over there, for his use when visiting. He also wanted his house guests to have use of the car when they stay.

Many insurance policies will offer foreign use but this is usually limited to a certain number of days per year and won’t cater for cars which are there for a whole year, even though their owner is not.

Bensons found that upon close examination of the policy he had already arranged, the contract assumed the car came back to the UK periodically and pointed out that if there was a claim, an insurer would easily be able to establish the car was abroad permanently, potentially invalidating any claim.

Problem Two

On Robert’s business trips, he and colleagues would often share the driving as there may be some distanc- es involved and at business related functions, he may need to drive someone else’s car and they, his.

These cars would often be at the higher value threshold and the timings of the circumstances (often last minute and/or in the evening), meant addressing these issues at the time they arose, impossible.

I have two problems

Robert asked for advice regarding the position in such cases and Bensons clarified the point that unless each driver was includ- ed to drive on each policy, comprehensive cover would not be provided but both scenarios above, could be addressed with the right contract.

Our solution was to thoroughly explore Robert’s total needs and we put together a package with one insurer, which provided cover for the BMW abroad and also allowed anyone (over 30 years of age in view of the types of vehicle involved) to drive his car.

Finally, he had the benefit and freedom for him and his wife to drive anyone else’s car, on a comprehensive basis. Within the same portfolio, we were able to include the insurance for his homes, here and abroad and other family vehicles.

Bensons Private Clients insurance division provides specialist advice and support in providing bespoke solutions to high net worth clients and their advisors.