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Wollaton Park Golf Club

Wollaton Park Golf Club is one of the leading Club’s in Nottinghamshire and contacted Benson’s to review their existing insurance arrangements. The Bensons team uncovered certain aspects of insurance that were missing, aspects that we felt were important from our clients point of view. For example,  insufficient Business Interruption cover, no Professional Claims assistance available and Personal Accident cover for employees of the Club was missing. They also wanted a more personal “hands on” service.

Bensons included all these aspects in order to provide a much more appropriate bespoke comprehensive package of insurance cover. We also appreciated that times are difficult for Golf Clubs and that the Club quite rightly wanted to keep their insurance investment at a reasonable level. Through some hard negotiating with the insurers, we were in the end able to provide our comprehensive Golf package, including all of the covers previously mentioned at a cost lower than Wollaton’s expenditure on insurance in 2009.

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“Following an initial meeting Peter Benson identified aspects of the Club’s insurance cover that were very light. As a result, through Peter, we have strengthened the cover we have AND at a cost that was less than the renewal premium in 2009. His professional but personal approach made the process of transferring the insurance very easy indeed which initially was one of our concerns” commented Avril Jamieson, Club Secretary