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Cancelled policies

I’m convinced this is the tip of a huge iceberg and I‘ve expected it to hit for some time but we’re being asked to help with an increasing number of insurance cases where an individual has had a policy cancelled by an insurance company, usually through non-disclosure of claims or other facts.

Even if the insurer provides a letter stating they accept the omission wasn’t deliberate, the client then faces trying to rearrange cover in a market where providers listen less and less – not a computer’s strong point – they have to disclose the facts they omitted last time and on top of this, the fact that an insurer has cancelled a previous policy....AND they’ll usually need to disclose this for the next 5 years.... phew - new distribution channels for insurance such as websites; call centres have all been mentioned by clients as reasons for the omissions in the first place...perhaps service delivered by humans has its place after all – click here for other examples


Posted On 16 August 2010 | 0 Comments