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Confused - you will be

Confused.com is fast becoming my soapbox of choice.

Some while ago I noticed one of their adverts showing just how easy it was to arrange insurance cover via their site. "There's your quote, just click, click and you're done!". Presumably the "just click, click" bits were agreeing to the terms and conditions and agreeing the "assumptions" made about the poor unfortunate victim, sorry, customer. But that may be a rant for another day.

I read today that they have warned users of social networking sites that they face increases in their home insurance premiums. They make some valid points about the nature of the information that people put out into the public domain but that is a wider education issue about personal data security. To suggest that insurers will start to increase rates if you happen to have a Facebook profile is, I suggest, a bit extreme.

After all, this warning comes from the same company that has potentially huge flaws in its own security. See my blog of a few days ago.

Confused - I think they are.

Posted On 15 September 2010 | 0 Comments

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