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It's good to talk

A good few hours were spent the other evening, researching the options with which to punctuate the up and coming Summer school holidays. 

I know it’s months away but I thought that about Christmas Day on the 13th December 2010 and then panicked when I realised that the 13th December meant Christmas Day was a week on Saturday!!  Anyway, working  from a screen, then several screens, then from hand-written notes, I had need to call the tour operator.  What a joy and reminder of what I’m always blogging about!  Excellent customer service, a real person who had herself, been to each of our options, could give me “the feel” of what I needed to know, helped and guided me to a solution...I really hope that’s the experience of our customers, particularly those who have tried to do everything themselves, perhaps coming a cropper in the meantime... Me?   Well, whatever decision is made, I’ll be speaking to “Josie” and giving the company some well deserved praise and most importantly, buying with advice and thus, a considerable amount of peace of mind.   Then I’ll tell my family about the 2 man tent in Wales...

Posted On 27 January 2011 | 0 Comments