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Look after your plates

Only hours after reading an article about it, I’ve been the subject of the same crime, both number plates were stolen from my car between 8 and 10pm last night – very clean and efficient job. 

Thanks to the thieves, who left the golf clubs untouched in the boot and didn’t try and break in...I am insured (of course!) and no real advice I can pass on to others but interested to see from the article, there have been 500 such thefts reported this year; 21 incidents between 1st and 21st October  alone and 3 this month in West Bridgford.  We hear a lot about the Police not being bothered etc. and I am sure with cut backs they will have to do more with less in the future. On this occasion they were quite impressive, seeing me within a couple of hours and going on to see the Garage across the road to see if they can glean anything from CCTV images.    

Posted On 2 November 2010 | 0 Comments